Affiliate Disclosure

I use affiliate links on my site to earn additional income and perks - it helps defray the cost of hosting, pay for necessary software and allow me to take the time necessary to test, review and offer free services and consultations to those in need.

I *only* promote products and services I truly believe in. I will never, ever promote substandard products, services or companies. I believe honesty and integrity are integral to a healthy business. With that said - things change, products change and occasionally they get worse. In those situations I will either remove the affiliate links and/or provide a heavy disclaimer and explanation of my change of heart. Receiving and reviewing a product I received for free or discounted will never influence my review. If it's junk, I'll say so, no matter what.

All opinions, reviews, hot takes and recommendations are as unbiased, fair and even-handed as I can be. If you feel otherwise, I always welcome feedback.

Amazon is an exception in one particular regard - I'm no fan of many of their employee and business practices, but I still maintain my Amazon Associates account and will occasionally promote products through them. When possible I will offer alternatives. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You are under no obligation to click on any of my affiliate links - and I strongly encourage you NOT to if you don't feel I've earned the click.

I sincerely appreciate your support!